Plant Care Guide: Aglaonema Lady Valentine

Aglaonema Lady Valentine  // Aglaonema Commutatum 'Lady Valentine'

The bright and beautiful Aglaonema Lady Valentine is all about standing out from the crowd with those incredible mottled pink leaves. She's not fan of wet feet so be sure to allow her soil to dry out a little between waterings, and she'd enjoy a mist every so often to keep her humidity levels happy.

  Beginner's bestie Bright, indirect light is ideal, but can tolerate medium light
Not pet friendly if ingested Water once the top few cm of soil has dried out


Love notes

Keep your plant pal nourished and supported with a good quality plant food like We The Wild Grow Concentrate and We The Wild Support Pellets. These powerful plant essentials will keep your plants happy, strong and resilient, and will reward you with new growth a'plenty! 
These beauties thrive in humid conditions, so you can give them a mist every so often, and don't forget to wipe down those leaves when they're looking a little dusty. You can also spray with We The Wild Protect Spray every couple of weeks to keep leaves looking lush and healthy. 
Follow the recommended advise on watering above - if unsure, a Moisture Meter could be your secret weapon! This handy tool will show you exactly how dry your soil is to avoid any over or under watering fails. 
To ensure your new bestie gets enough drainage, we recommend keeping them in a nursery pot and displaying in a cover pot. If you do want to pot up your plant, make sure your decorative pot has a drainage hole and you've removed the plug. 
To keep your little lady looking nice and pink, keep her in bright, indirect light. Aglaonema can also be a little sensitive to temperature changes, so it's best to keep your pink beauty away from cold drafts or air conditioning units. 

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