A Beginner's Guide to Indoor Plants

A Beginner's Guide to Indoor Plants

By Team Frond

A Beginner's Guide to Indoor Plants

A Beginner's Guide to Indoor Plants


Here at Frond Plant Supply Co, we're big believers that surrounding yourself with Fronds leads to great things!

Not only do our plant pals look pretty great, they also have some amazing health benefits. From removing toxins to the air, to boosting happiness and productivity, indoor plants are the true besties with benefits.

So if you're just starting out on your plant parenthood journey, here's a round up of all the things we wished we knew when we were just starting out.


1. Start with a Beginner's Bestie

With so many stunning indoor plant varieties around, it's easy to get lead astray with a delicate little darling. But when selecting your first indoor plant, we recommend you stick to a more resilient variety that's tolerant of a range of light levels and the odd forgetful water or two.


Our top 5 Indoor Plants for Beginners:

    • Devil's Ivy (Pothos)
    • Zanzibar Gem
    • Peace Lily
    • Snake Plant
    • Parlour Palm
Peace Lily Indoor Plant (Spathiphyllum)

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2. Use a decorative cover pot

There are many things to consider when selecting the right pot for your new indoor plant. But if you're just starting out, make life easy for you and your new plant pal by keeping them in their nursery pot (the not so good looking plastic pot they've come in), and pair them with a decorative cover pot.


Benefits of using cover pots:

    • water your plants more easily
    • mix and match your pots and plants
    • avoid the mess of re-potting your indoor plant
    • reduce the risk of water-logged soil
    • keep your plants roots happy


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3. Invest in a moisture meter

Over-watering is the biggest cause of plant murder. And while you're just starting out, it can be very tricky to know if your plant pal is in need of hydration, or at risk of drowning!

While there are a few different ways to check the moisture levels of your indoor plant's soil (example: the finger test or the chopstick test), a moisture meter will give you the knowledge and confidence to water your plant when it needs it, making it a fantastic investment for all plant parents (in fact, we use them too!).



4. Feed your indoor plants

Yep, that's right. Indoor plants need more than just water to survive. Since they're outside of their natural environment, they'll need a little help from you to get the nutrients they require to stay strong and healthy.

And while some indoor plant fertilizers can burn your plant's roots with over use,  We The Wild Grow Concentrate is the perfect pick for beginners, since it's impossible to overdose and safe to use year round. Plus, it works like magic.



5. Set a plant care regimen

Life is busy, and if you don't already have a routine, it can be easy to forget about your Fronds. So set yourself a schedule to check on your indoor plants to make sure they're thriving.


Suggested plant care routine:

  • Check if they need watering
  • Wipe away any dust from the leaves
  • Spray with We The Wild Protect Spray
  • Check for pests
  • Rotate to help them grow evenly
  • Prune any dead leaves


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