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Autumn Plant Care Guide: Help your Indoor Plants Thrive

By Team Frond

Indoor Plant Care Products

Autumn Indoor Plant Care Guide


With temperatures cooling and the days getting shorter, our indoor plant pals are ready to take things at a slower pace.
Most common houseplants hail from subtropical lands. Lovers of warm and humid climates, autumn brings with it less than ideal conditions for our Fronds. 
As a result, their growth slows, settling in for some R&R until the warmer weather returns. 
So here's our Autumn Care Guide for our top 5 tips to keep your indoor plants thriving this Autumn.


Tip 1: Adjust your watering.


As the days become cooler, water will evaporate more slowly from your plant pal's soil.
So it's super important to make sure you're only watering when your Frond is ready for some re-hydration.
The same watering guides apply, it'll just take a little longer for the soil to dry out in between waterings.
Top Tip: A moisture meter can be a literal life saver when it comes to knowing when to water your botanical bestie.
Overwatering is the number one killer of plants. Combined with a change in season; Autumn can be a tricky time to get the watering routine on point. 
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Tip 2: Location, location, location.


Autumn means shorter, colder days, so be sure to check your botanical besties are still getting enough light, and move them closer to a window if needed.
And temperature is important too, so keep them away from drafts as well as heaters and fireplaces.



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Tip 3: Time for a health check.


The start of a new season is a great time to take a closer look at your plant pals.
Give their leaves a wipe down, prune off any yellowing leaves, check for pests and give them a spray with We The Wild Protect to help them thrive through Autumn.
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Tip 4: Put down the trowel.


Our plant pals take things a little slower in the cooler months, which means repotting is more likely to cause shock to the plant.

If you can hold on, it's best to repot your plant in Spring so their roots can grow quickly into their new surroundings.



Tip 5: Beneficial Bacteria.


Keep your plant pals looking fine with the help of a bio-active fertiliser like We The Wild Grow Concentrate or We The Wild Support Pellets.

Traditional fertilisers can burn your Frond's roots during Autumn & Winter, or could cause a deadly build up of salt, but the beneficial bacteria & fungi in a bio-active fertiliser keep plant pals happy year round.


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