How to Choose an Indoor Plant

How to Choose an Indoor Plant

By Team Frond

How to Choose an Indoor Plant

How to Choose an Indoor Plant

The first rule of plant parenthood: pick a plant that suits your space and lifestyle.

Many of us have made the mistake of picking out the prettiest plant as our first (us included!), only to be met with heartbreak as they've rapidly succumbed to an untimely death.


Light Levels

First up, have a think about the space your new Frond will be living in. Will it be a bright, sunny spot close to the window? Does direct light bathe the area for hours or is the area a little darker?

Most indoor plants will thrive in bright, indirect light.

That means a space that's usually close to the window but doesn't get any direct rays from the sun.

However, if the space is a little further from the window, a low light indoor plant is likely to be the right pick, like the Rubber Plant or Philodendron Rojo Congo.

Rubber Plant Burgundy

Or, if the spot is bathed in bright direct sunlight for a few hours a day, a Snake Plant or Fiddle Leaf Fig would be happy houseplants here.

Snake Plant

Watering Requirements

Next up, it's time to consider how much time you have to devote to your indoor plants.

If you have time to commit, plant care can be incredibly therapeutic! But if you're a little time poor (or a little forgetful!) pick a plant that's tolerant to infrequent watering, like Devil's Ivy or a Zanzibar Gem.

Zanzibar Gem

If you're looking to learn about your plant's needs, a Peace Lily is a great communicator. Her leaves will droop when she's feeling thirsty, giving you the signal that she's ready for a watering.

Peace Lily
And since overwatering is the number one cause of plant death, we can't recommend a moisture meter enough for beginner plant parents, to help identify when your botanical besties are in need of a drink (or not).
Plant Moisture Meter



Another thing to consider is the air's moisture levels in your new plant's space.

If you're planning on placing your new plant in an area like a bathroom - where there's usually more moisture in the air - you can choose a plant that prefers things to be a little more humid, like a Peacock Plant or fern.

Peacock Plant

But if it's a space under an air conditioning unit or close to a drafty window in winter, a more tolerant plant like a Parlour Palm is a better choice.

Parlour Palm


Find your perfect plant pal

Our handy plant care filters are there to help you find your perfect plant pal. Search by care level, light and watering requirements to find your match, and enjoy a long lasting Frondship with your botanical bestie.