Spring Indoor Plant Care Guide

Spring Indoor Plant Care Guide

By Team Frond

Spring Indoor Plant Care Guide

Spring Indoor Plant Guide

It's our favourite time of year - spring! Get ready for spring blooms and new growth a'plenty. Because spring is the time our happy houseplants wake up from their winter dormancy. And just like us, a new season means a new routine.

So check out our top plant care tips for your indoor plants this spring.


1. Stay hydrated. 

With the days getting warmer and daylight sticking around for longer, our plant pals will begin to draw up more water. So to keep them happy as things heat up, they’ll need to be watered more frequently.

A moisture meter is the perfect tool to stay on top of your botanical bestie’s hydration, without overdoing it.



Indoor Plant Moisture Meter Probe



2. Location, location, location.

If you moved your plant pal closer to the window for some extra winter sunlight, it’s time to re-check their position and consider making the move away from any direct light. They don't want scorched leaves.

And to make sure they don't get stressed out by big temperature changes, find a spot away from the A/C.


3. (re)Pot it like it's hot.

Roots growing out of the base of the pot? Or is your plant pal forever thirsty but not showing any signs of growth? Then it may be time to repot your botanical bestie.  

And since plants move into a growth phase in spring, this makes it the best time to allow your plant pal to get comfortable in their new space.


4. Spring clean.

The changing of the seasons serves as the perfect reminder to schedule a plant Spring clean.

Check over your indoor plants for any signs of pests, prune off any sad looking leaves or crispy edges, and give your botanical besties a wipe & spray of We the Wild Protect Spray, so they can start the new season looking & feeling their best.

We the Wild Indoor Plant Care

5. A new regimen.

Your houseplant huns may have been enjoying a dose of We the Wild Grow Concentrate over the cooler months, since it's safe to use year round - unlike other fertilisers. But if not, now is the time to re-start their plant food regimen.

For houseplants in need of a little extra boost, add some We the Wild Support Pellets to the soil.


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