Indoor Plant Delivery: How we pack your order

Indoor Plant Delivery: How We Pack Your Order

By Team Frond

Indoor Plant Delivery: How we pack your order

Indoor Plant Delivery: How We Pack Your Order

Nothing beats a plant delivery! And here at Frond, we follow some very careful steps to make sure your new plant pals arrive to you looking and feeling their best.


Step 1: Plant Care Prep


Each plant is hand selected and checked over before sending.

After a wipe down with We The Wild Protect Spray to make sure their leaves are dust free and to protect from any pests, and a wipe down of the nursery pot, we give each of our Fronds a good watering with a dose of We The Wild Grow Concentrate to make sure they’re well fed and hydrated for their trip.

 We The Wild Protect Spray


Step 2: Wrap and Tag


To keep the unboxing experience mess free and to protect our indoor plants while in transit, each of our plant pals’ nursery pots is wrapped in recycled packing paper with an added topping of coco fibre.

We also add a care tag to each plant, which contains a link to our comprehensive indoor plant care guides – making sure you and your new botanical bestie are set up for a successful frondship.

Indoor plant delivery: how we pack your order (snake plant / mother in laws tongue / sansevieria)


Step 3: Pack in our Custom Designed, Eco-Friendly Packaging


Our plant packaging has been through rigorous design and testing to ensure our indoor plants are delivered happy and healthy. Whether it’s a bump or two, or a little tumble, our indoor plant packaging keeps our indoor plants safe during typical delivery handling.

What’s more, every component of our packaging is eco-friendly, right down to the shipping labels and the tape (want to know more on this? Click here).

Indoor Plant Delivery


Want to see more? Check out this little video on our packing process.


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