Why Buy Indoor Plants Online

Why Buy Indoor Plants Online

By Team Frond

Why Buy Indoor Plants Online

Why Buy Indoor Plants Online

Buying an indoor plant online can make you feel as nervous as going on a first date. Will they look like they did in the photo? Will they turn up? 
We get it. So we’re here to settle those nerves, so you can find your perfect plant match and have it delivered to your door.

Quality Indoor Plants Delivered to your Door 

Our indoor plants are hand selected to ensure only the prettiest of plant pals end up in your arms. Sourced from Aussie growers, each plant is carefully checked upon sourcing and sending to make sure it’s happy, healthy and looking fab.

While the beauty of houseplants is that each one is unique, our strict standards ensure that each plant is free of pests, has strong, clean and healthy leaves, and is well sized. 

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) Indoor Plant & Decorative Pot 

Plant Pot Pairings that Actually Fit

Our handy mix & match collections are there to help you create the perfect plant pot combo, without the worry of mismatched sizes. 

Got your eye on a particular plant? Check out its product page for advice on suitable decorative pot sizes to match. 

And if you’re just not sure, drop us a line via our Contact Form and we’ll be right with you with some personalised guidance. 

Indoor Plant & Decorative Pots & Planters

Find your Perfect Indoor Plant Match

Hands up who’s come home with a plant but has NO idea how to care for it? Yup, us too. But we’re not about that life. 

Our product filters allow you to search for you next houseplant hun by size, care level, watering and light requirements, ensuring you’ll be best of Fronds. 

Plus, with a range of options to suit, you can also shop by collection to browse Pet Friendly Indoor Plants, Easy-Care Indoor Plants and more. 

Syngonium Gold Illusion & Syngonium Neon Indoor Plants

Delivered to your door across Australia

Shipped express as standard in our custom designed packaging, and despatched at the start of the week to ensure the shortest transit times, you can enjoy the convenience of having stunning indoor plants delivered to your door. 

Our packaging has been designed with eco-conscious materials, with Mother Nature in mind. Each component (right down to the tape and shipping labels) is either biodegradable, recyclable or both, and/or made from recycled materials. Check out our Shipping Page for more details.  

Frond Plant Supply Co eco friendly indoor plant packaging

Before despatch, each of our indoor plants enjoys a leaf clean with We The Wild Protect Spray, a hydration check with our Moisture Meter + a dose of We the Wild Grow Concentrate.

All of our Fronds are comfortable to be in transit for a few days. In fact, most indoor plants can be in transit for 10-14 days before starting to feel the effect. We deliver our indoor plants to metro areas of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra, as well as the NSW Central Coast, Newcastle, Sutherland Shire & Wollongong. 

Find out more on delivery locations and shipping times over on our Shipping Page. 


Plant Parenthood Support

From watering advice and humidity preferences, to tips on finding your indoor plant's best light, our Indoor Plant Care Guides will transform any novice plant parent into a confident carer. 

Our blogs & Newsletter updates are also jam packed with plant care advice and styling tips, so make sure you subscribe to stay in the know. 

And if you still have a burning question, you can contact us anytime via our Contact Form and we'll be right with you. 

From in depth houseplant care guides to answering a prickly plant question, we're only a click away.


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